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Cruising with Kids

Cruises and Kids – How to Prevent Death and Injury

The sheer size of a cruise ship makes it appear safe at first glance. These massive floating hotels travel the oceans taking passengers to destinations all over the world, by sea.

As with any type of travel, they also present dangers that you should be aware of when cruising with your kids.

Cruise Accidents and Deaths

Since the year 2000, 343 people have gone overboard while cruising the open waters. In one of the latest incidents, an 18-month-old child was killed when they fell out of an open window on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Aside from falling overboard, there are a number of other dangers lurking aboard cruise ships – especially for young children. Everything from the onboard pools to slippery decks can lead to a tragic end to your family vacation.

Follow these safety tips to keep cruising safe, fun and injury-free!

Cruising With Kids Safety Tips

Young children should be kept under close supervision at all times. Kids love to climb, and the guardrails are sure to catch their eye as the perfect place to get a better look at the water below. Most guardrails are at least 42-inches high which makes it a bit of a challenge, but certainly not impossible for a curious toddler or child.

Many cruise ships offer electronic tracking devices that your kids can wear. If they are available, get one. If your child goes missing – which can be easy to do on a ginormous ship, you’ll be able to find them quickly.

Another thing you need to know is that having lifeguards on duty for onboard pools is not a standard practice. Although some Cruise Lines have started employing lifeguards, many do not and it’s a swim at your own risk situation. Even if your children can swim, they should be under your supervision at all times while at the pool.

Do Not Run

Avoid the bumps and bruises by never allowing your kids to run on the cruise ship decks. They are extremely slippery when they are wet and can lead to more than a few scrapes. You should also show them how to get back to your cabin if they become separated from you.

Cruise ships can also be germ-havens so be sure your kids wash their hands regularly and practice good hygiene during your stay. Last but not least, be sure they know that stranger danger safety still applies aboard the ship.