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Keep Family Vacations Safe and Fun with These Ultimate Travel Tips

Many families will be taking summer vacations or traveling to see loved ones while the kids are out of school. Traveling to a new area, and staying in unfamiliar places presents challenges simply by being away from home.

Be sure to take some precautions prior to your travel to keep your family vacation fun and emergency-free!

Research Your Destination

Spend some extra time doing your due diligence before choosing a travel destination. Take a look at crime rates, and when traveling abroad ensure that your child has received the necessary vaccinations. If they are too young to vaccinate against potential dangers, choose another location or know exactly how to keep them safe.

Know what your insurance covers as well. Not all health insurance comes with international health coverage – call ahead to know if you are covered or purchase supplemental health coverage for the trip. Also, check local hospitals when traveling so you know in advance which ones accept your insurance.

Child-Proof Your Stay

Whether you are staying with friends and family, a hotel, resort, or camping outdoors – the place you are staying will not have the luxury of coming fully child-proofed and ready to stay. Take preventative measures and bring along some outlet covers and safety devices to reduce potential safety hazards.

If you are staying in a hotel or resort, they often offer some options for child-proofing your room. Call ahead and see what accommodations they have available to make your load a bit lighter.

Medical Kit

Always take a medical kit with you. A few basic supplies will not take up too much space and you’ll be glad you did if they get some bumps and bruises during your travel. Customize your medical kit based on your children’s ages, where you will be staying and what types of activities you’ll participate in.

Additional Travel Safety Tips

On top of a medical kit, take child information cards with you. Check out our article on where and how you can get a free child ID kit before you travel. Also, have an information card that includes where you are staying along with your contact information that your kids keep with them in the event they are separated from you.

Last but not least, be sure to keep your children hydrated, especially during summer vacations when the weather is warmer.